In 90 days I show women how to lose 15 lbs., balance hormones, and love what they see in the mirror without starving.

Happy Clients

Here are just a few of many testimonials from real people. 

"The tools I have now bc of the challenge will be my new go to for life! No more diets and deprivation... no more exclusion and fads... no more beating myself up bc of failed attempts and guilt bc of a Pops beef and fries!"


"I am healthier today both physically and mentally. At 46 years old I think I am in the best shape I have ever been. There are still more goals that need to be accomplished but definitely feeling great and confident."


"This is a life style for me now. I learned how to do what I can when I can but the food is always consistent. If I fall off today, tomorrow is always a new day. I finally GOT IT!!!! With my weight loss I am no longer on diabetic medication and or high cholesterol medication."