How to Feel Better in Your Body without eating like a rabbit or working out like a wildebeest.

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Getting a lower number on the scale is a  bloody nightmare.

It's confusing and everyone has the Next Big Thing!


It's madness and that makes it scary as hell.

Once you've tried every diet out there, ya get pretty pissed.


Wasting time, money and getting horrible news from your doctor.


Hey, I get it, that's exactly how I felt.


I swallowed pills, drank green water and looked into liposuction.


After 50 different diets, I chose to ram my finger down my throat to cut calories.


If you've ever had an ED (eating disorder) you know that it runs you, you don't run it.


I was tricking myself into thinking I had my health and weight under total control because the scale was dropping. 


After hitting 118lbs I still hated myself.

I felt horrible in my body, ruined my teeth, stomach and throat.


I'd lost control of my entire life in a desire to be thin.

I've been close to death a few times, but this was different because it was an internal struggle that no one else knew or could see.

And that's what we face every single day.


A life long desire to love what we see in the mirror, but we have no ducking idea how to get there.


How do I go from where I am today to where I want to be in the future?


In my experience and expertise,  it's got nothing to do with weight and everything to do with Feeling Better in Your Body.

Living off green water is painful on the insides and back side.


And the 100's of ladies I've helped in the last 10 years agree, it's modern day torture.


If we've never met, I am Monique and I've been in the health industry for 10 years, including opening my dream gym in 2018.


I've closely worked with women, their health and their mindset because I know what it's like to live in a body that feels uncomfortable and unhealthy.


It's the worst state of being because it effects every second and every area of your life and thoughts.


I have dozens of licenses, certifications and was the most sought after Zumba instructor in my area which resulted in winning the Best Health and Fitness Club award in 2019 in the county.


And I'll be honest none of it came close to the amount of experience I got by being along side women in their health journey.


No certification or license ever taught me how to show a woman to believe in herself.


That only comes from personal responsibility deep inside you.

The beauty is once you believe in yourself you can change the way you diet, forever!


You can start melting away the extra weight that's held you back from buying plane tickets or riding on roller coasters.

And finally go up the stairs with ease and avoid gasping for air.


Fitting back into your wardrobe and loving what you see in the mirror!

That's why I am so excited to offer the first ever Feel Better in Your Body Challenge!


The 4-Week Feel Better in Your Body Challenge Starts on Monday, April 12th, 2021.


Registration Closes on

Friday, April 9th, 2021

This challenge combines your mind and body so they work together and you:


  • lose 1 to 2 lbs per week for the next 4 weeks (and BEYOND!)

  • build healthy eating habits, stay fuller longer and cut out mindless snacking

  • practice a healthy mindset every day and build confidence regardless of the daily obstacles that arise


Doing the daily work and taking personal responsibility each day will guarantee a total mind and body shift in 4 weeks. You'll finally walk around with confidence in a body you love.

  • The daily coaching ($500 value)

  • Recipe packs ($75 value)

  • On demand workouts 24/7 ($100 value)

  • The peace of mind that you'll be healthy enough to stand up, blow bubbles with your family and pick up your grandkids this summer is priceless.

Total Value: $675

Now ONLY $499!


There is no value on your health, but every step in the right direction takes ONE decision. The decision to take action immediately when the chance arises.

If you push getting healthy until after your next vacation, or "when the time is right", you'll simply never do it.


Just be honest, you now it, I know it and I am simply pointing it out.


Unfortunately, those are the same women I see in the same place in 4 weeks.


And even worse in the next 6 months.


Continuing to suffer and trying to do it on their own, when they could've done it in just 4 weeks.


Throwing away hundreds of dollars on weight loss products, insulin and multiple doctor's visits.

Skip that mess and click the link!


I am so excited to support you and watch you shift into a healthier and happier body!

How Ronda lost 7 lbs in my 21-Day Reset!

The 4-Week Feel Better in Your Body Challenge Starts on Monday, April 12th, 2021.


Registration Closes on

Friday, April 9th, 2021

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