6 Pillar

12-Week Program

We designed a 12-week program to help women who need to lose 15 lbs or more, drop pants sizes and achieve forever results that can be sustained for the rest of their life, effortlessly.

We focus on changing 6 small habits that over time will become routine. These habits along with the right workouts will result in a lifestyle change you can continue for years to come. We have had dozens of women who have dropped several pants sizes without relying on fad diets or meal replacement shakes.

Our program is different from anything else out there because we support small, slow changes and focus on eating more of the right food along with sustainable workouts unlike others who focus on quick fixes by removing carbs, meats, sugar or pushing impossible workouts and expensive supplements.

Click the button below and book a time to chat with me for 30-minutes and see if this program would be a good fit for you.

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