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How old does my baby have to be to participate?

Any age is welcome in Zumbini®! This class is designed for all ages to participate in their own way. How? For very young babies they are taking everything in. They are listening to the music, hearing the sounds of the instruments, feeling the beat as they dance in your arms, and tracking the colorful scarves with their eyes. All of this activity is stimulating their brain development laying the foundation for future skills.

As they continue to develop, older infants will start to coo and babble along while we sing. They will start to grasp various instruments, pat on the drum, kick their feet while we dance, and giggle during peek-a-boo. This age is more interactive than the younger infants because they are developmentally able to do so, but it doesn’t mean younger babies are participating any less! The more you come week after week you will see the growth your little one will make in the way they respond to the music and movement we do together!

Do they have to sit and be quiet?

No! Definitely not! We will have times during the class where we will sit in a circle for singing and instrument exploration, however if your little one would rather show off their new found mobility, they are free to do so! We want to continue encouraging their self-esteem as well as physical development so if they would rather move around while others sit, that is perfect. Some toddlers are so full of energy that they may chose to stand and sing too, also totally fine. As long as your little one is safe they are welcome to move any way they would like to participate.

What if they put the instrument or scarf in their mouth?

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Babies put everything in their mouth.” And that is completely normal and expected! All items are washed throughout the week every week to help reduce the amount of germs shared among children. Anything that is put in a child’s mouth will be removed separately from the group during clean up so they can be cleaned before another class’ use.

Can I come for a drop-in class?

Zumbini® is only offered in a session-based format. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • The class has many benefits that are only achieved when children are routinely and consistently exposed to similar experiences. By coming to class in the same location each week with the same routine flow of the class, children are internally learning what to expect in during their time in class.

  • They become more familiar with the music week after week which allows children to feel more comfortable as they participate more each week. We want children to not only hear the music or singing from adults, but to start singing in class too!

  • Some children take many weeks to feel comfortable in a new environment. Feeling shy or nervous is completely normal at this young age when joining a group activity. There are new faces, new noises, and lots of new things to get used to. By coming week after week, children will start to feel as comfortable in class as they are with you at home. You’ll start to see a new side come out in class in a few weeks!

  • Social development for young children is based around trust and love. When young children see the same faces of other adults and children each week, they know they are in a safe environment with other people they can trust. Once they are comfortable seeing the same people each week, they will start to socialize with others. Some may smile when a friend comes into the room, others may share a scarf with another child. Being with the same people consistently allows this socialization to take place.

  • Each class is different! We use the same music collection for a set amount of weeks in the session, but each class is planned to be different and exciting. Instruments are on 4 week rotations, words in songs will change, etc. Your little one is changing so fast that each class is a different experience for them too! The first week they may be bending their knees to copy jumping, the next week they may be flying off the floor!

Do I have to bring anything?

Just your little one and a smile! For children just learning to walk please plan on going barefoot or with rubber soled shoes. Adults will want to wear comfortable clothing that you can easily get up and down from the floor, jump, and squat.


Please plan on eating a snack before class or after class. Because this is only 45-minutes long, we would like your participation the whole time. To keep everyone with food allergies safe, if your child needs to eat during the class, we ask that you leave the dance floor to feed your child and wash hands before returning to class. (Except for breastfeeding! Feel free to feed as needed throughout the class!)

Can my partner/spouse come? 

Typically my answer is the more the merrier! The cost of the class is per child attending, if both parents would like to attend each week that is fantastic. If grandparents want to come to check it out, please come! Older children are on a case by case basis depending on the age the child and the space in the class.