1.       Do I have to bring my own exercise equipment?  

No. We have toning sticks, steps, yoga mats and blocks. Of course, you are always welcome to bring your own!


2.       Do you offer childcare?

We do not offer child care.


3.       Why do we need to register for classes?   

 As much as we would like to have everyone come to every class, we safely only have room for so many students per class. We want all of our students to get the best workout they can. Therefore, we have to limit the class sizes.


4.       I am part of the FitSmart™ 16-week challenge. How do I reach them if there is an issue with my membership contract or class attendance issues?

You can contact them at 800-992-6024, ext. 1 or


5.       I am unable to book any classes. Why?

You may have an outstanding balance on your account, perhaps from late cancelling a class or a “no-show” to class.


6.       What happens if I do not show up for a class or cancel late?

Our policy is that you must cancel class 4 hours prior to the scheduled start of the class. If you do not cancel in time, or at all, you will be charged $10, and you will be unable to be pulled up from a wait list or book future classes until the balance is paid.


7.       What are the fees for late cancellations or “no-shows” of a class I registered for?

We charge $10 for “late cancels” and “no shows”.  If you cannot make a class, we want to give the next person on the waiting list a chance to get into class. 


8.       How do I pay for a “no show” or “late cancel” class?

We accept cash or credit card. Once paid, we will e-mail your receipt, and your account will be open to book future classes.


If you do have a credit card on file within your Wellness Living account, it will be charged and you will be free to book future classes and allow the system to pull you from a wait list, if a spot becomes available.


If you do not have a credit card on file within your Wellness Living account, your account will show a negative balance and you will be unable to book future classes and will not be promoted into any classes from a wait list. The open spot will go to the next person.


*Note: If FitSmart™ has your credit card information, that is not the same as putting it on your Wellness Living account. You will need to go into your Wellness Living account and add it, or ask our staff at the studio to help you.


9.       Can I bring a friend to class?

Absolutely! If your friend is new to the studio, he/she can enjoy one FREE class (considered a “Buddy Pass”). They just need to set up an account and sign the waiver! Once they have created an account, simply call the studio or email us and let us know their first and last name so that we may apply the buddy pass.

10.       I do not want to lock in to a membership, are there other options?

Yes. See our class pricing HERE


11.       Are there sign-up rates or annual fees?

There are no registration charges or annual fees.


12.       I want to stay committed to my fitness, are there long-term memberships available?

Absolutely! You can see all of our membership pricing HERE


13.       I want to become a new member of Motivation Fitness, what is the process?

You can either come by the studio and our staff will help you register as a member, or you can simply purchase a membership option online HERE to get started.


14.   Does my membership automatically renew?

The Motivation and Lifestyle membership packages do not automatically renew. We have designed these packages to maximize your workouts to get the best results. If you wish to continue after your membership expires, please let us know and we can get you set up for more!


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