Frequently Asked Questions

1.       Do I have to bring my own exercise equipment?  

          No. We have toning sticks, steps, yoga mats and blocks. Of course, you are always                    welcome to bring your own!


2.       Do you have childcare?

          We do not offer child care. Kids are only allowed in the studio during Zumba® Kids                    classes. For safety reasons, children are not to be left in the waiting area unattended                  while their parent or guardian is in class.


3.       Why do we need to register for classes?   

          As much as we would like to have everyone come to every class, we safely only have                  room for so many students per class. We want all of our students to get the best                        workout they can. Therefore, we have to limit the class sizes.


4.       I am part of the FitSmart™ 16-week challenge. How do I reach them if there is an issue              with my contract or class attendance?

          You can contact them at 800-992-6024, ext. 1 or


5.       I am unable to book any classes. Why?

          You may have an outstanding balance on your account, perhaps from late cancelling a              class or a “no-show” to class.


6.       What happens if I do not show up for a class or cancel late?

          Our policy is that you must cancel class 4 hours prior to the scheduled start of the class.            If you do not cancel in time, or at all, you will be charged $10, and you will be unable to            be pulled up from a wait list or book future classes until the balance is paid.


7.       What are the fees for late cancellations or “no-shows” of a class I registered for?

          We charge $10 for “late cancels” and “no shows”.  If you cannot make a class, we want            to give the next person on the waiting list a chance to get into class.


8.       How do I pay for a “no show” or “late cancel” class?

          We accept cash or credit card. Once paid, we will e-mail your receipt, and your account            will be open to book future classes.

          If you do have a credit card on file within your Wellness Living account, it will be                          charged and you will be free to book future classes and allow the system to pull you                  from a wait list, if a spot becomes available.


          If you don’t have a credit card on file within your Wellness Living account, your                            account will show a negative balance and you will be unable to book future classes                    and will not be promoted into any classes from a wait list. The open spot will go to the              next person.


            *Note: If FitSmart has your credit card information, that is not the same as putting it on your Wellness Living                  account. You will need to go into your Wellness Living account and add it, or ask our staff at the studio to                      help you.


9.       Can I bring a friend to class?

          Absolutely! If your friend is new to the studio, he/she can enjoy one FREE class                          (considered a “Buddy Pass”). They just need to set up an account and sign the waiver!              Once they have created an account, simply call the studio or email us and let us know              their first and last name so that we may apply the buddy pass.


          Register a new account here:

10.      I do not want to lock in to a membership, are there other options?

           You bet! You can purchase a 5-class pass or pay a “single class” rate.

           Pricing found here:


11.      Are there sign-up rates or annual fees?

           There are no sign-up or annual fees.


12.      I want to stay committed to my fitness, are there long-term contracts available?

           Yes, we offer a 6-month contract and a full year contract. For more information on this               special deal, contact us at 815.401.6191.


13.      I want to become a new member of Motivation Fitness, what is the process?

           You can either come by the studio and our staff will help you register as a member, or               download the Wellness Living Achieve app, create an account, sign the digital waiver,               and pick your membership type. (i.e.: month-to-month, class-pass packages, or single               class passes.)


14.      Does my membership automatically renew?

           Yes, your current membership selection will automatically renew until you let us know if             you want to change to a different type of membership or cancel membership.


15.      How do I cancel my membership?

           We understand things happen and you may not be able to continue your workouts. All             of our memberships (basic, standard and premium) are monthly memberships and all               we need is a 30-day notice to cancel. Please email the membership cancellation form               to

           If your membership is a 6 month or year contract, and you need to cancel early, there is             an early cancellation fee of 50% of the remaining contract balance.  If you do not wish               to continue after your current term, we need to be notified of the cancellation no less               than 10 days before the membership is set to renew for another term. After the initial               term is completed, the memership moves to a month to month membership and only               requires a 30 day notice to cancel. Please email the membership cancellation form to     

           If you are a member of the FitSmart 16 week challenge, you will have to contact them               about any cancellations or billing issues.

           You can contact them at 800-992-6024, ext. 1 or

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