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Elizabeth's Zumba story:

"Being at my highest weight ever I knew I had to do something. I was so uncomfortable in my own skin and felt disgusting. A friend told me about Monique and how fun her Zumba classes were. I was in need of something that made working out fun and made me sweat. I went to Monique’s class in her basement and fell in love with Zumba. Going to Zumba gave me so much energy and raised my self esteem. I began to adjust my eating habits slowly and continued to go to Zumba. Since I’ve started Zumba I’ve dropped 75 lbs and I feel great! Going to Zumba has given me a healthy outlet to relieve stress and gives me so much energy. It has helped balance my life and I feel like it helps me be a better person."

Thank you so much for sharing Elizabeth! I truly appreciate all you do and you inspire me in every class!