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Resolutions got you down?

I wanted to take a moment to check in with you…

If you’re anything like me, you always enter each New Year with the best of intentions.

You set goals across all areas of your life from your finances to your fitness.

And if you’re also like me, you’re crazy busy, and sometimes life just happens.

While as a fitness professional I do tend to stick with my fitness routine, I totally relate to dropping the ball on my other goals/resolutions before January is even over.

This is obviously something we’ve seen a lot of over the years here at Motivation Fitness.

People come in determined and inspired to stick with their fitness routine and achieve their goals once and for all.

What hasn’t changed is that life always happens.

And if you’re not prepared for it, it will destroy your ability to achieve your goals.

You’ll find yourself sad, discouraged, and at some point, going through the pain of starting over AGAIN.

You become disappointed in yourself and beat yourself up for letting yourself down again.

And the cycle continues.

If this resonates with you at all, I want you to know that the secret to getting out of this rut is to take a different action RIGHT NOW.

Own that everything is a choice, and you can still choose to move forward on that resolution at ANY time.

Know that motivation is only created by action and results, not the other way around – so don’t wait for it!

And I’m here to help.

I am personally inviting you to come in and try a class.

This program is different from everything else you’ve tried before. Every class is a party and you will not find a community as welcoming as the one here at Motivation Fitness!

In fact, if you have not met Yomaira, you are missing out on a great story!

“I started at Motivation Fitness in March 2019 when I signed up for the 16 week challenge. I had a great experience and discovered another part of me that I didn't know I had. My passion for dancing. What better way to do it than working out with new friends and good people. I didn't stop there. I continued going to my regular classes and now I'm down 55.8 pounds and a total of 26" lost. I love Motivation Fitness, the instructors and the program so much that I recently became a certified Zumba® instructor! I feel like my story and what I have overcome will one day help someone else develop the confidence to dance their self into better shape!”

We are so proud of Yomaira’s story and know that this will work for you too.

Just know, you are not alone in this!

To get started, simply comment below or stop in to the studio and say hi!