Nutrition Just Got Easier

Professional, done-for-you recipe packs to help boost your workouts, save time and achieve incredible results.

Recipe Packs?

Is this for you?

If you have tried eating healthy before, you may be thinking this too...

Meal plans don't work

I haven't focused on my nutrition like I should

Healthy food does not taste good

What if we told you this?

We have delicious recipe packs that work towards your goal

We can make eating healthy easy

Meals that are healthy, easy and great tasting

We know exercise programs need to incorporate nutrition if you are going to get the best results.

Basically, if you don’t change how you eat, even the most intense exercise programs won’t change your body composition much.

So, what if there is one simple resource available that means that you could do exactly this?

A resource that you would actually follow and look forward to receiving?

A resource that enables you to maximize your workout with proper nutrition?

The truth is, there is one way to make this all happen:

Healthy Recipes.

Healthy recipes are the simplest yet most effective way to get the most out of every workout.

That's why we created these monthly recipe packs.


Nutritious, quick to prepare meals that can be matched to your goals, so you can fuel your body with the right foods at the right time.

Professional High Quality Recipes

Created exclusively for our members

  • Includes ingredient lists and detailed step-by-step cooking instructions along with a weekly meal planner

Detailed Nutritional Information

  • Provides you with detailed calorie & macro-nutrient profiles for every recipe

  • Includes recipes for all eating types e.g. dairy free, gluten free, low-carb and vegetarian

  • Each meal has a barcode that you can scan to enter in to your My Fitness Pal meal tracker with ease

Shopping List & Meal Planner

Helps you save even more time

  • Contains a weekly shopping list that lets you shop effortlessly for your healthy recipe ingredients

  • Includes a weekly meal planner so you can efficiently and effectively follow the recipes 

Sample Recipe Pack


Monthly Recipe Pack Subscription

Get a brand new recipe pack delivered right to your email each month.

  • 15 professional high quality healthy recipes

  • Recipes for all diets (low-carb, high-protein, plant-based)

  • Shopping lists and weekly meal plan

  • Download and save recipe packs right to your computer or mobile device

  • Cancel any time, no questions asked.

Normally $19.99 / month



$9.99 / month

High-Protein Pack

52 high quality professional healthy high-protein recipes with meal planner and shopping lists. 

Normally $24.99




LOW-carb PAck

40 high quality professional healthy low-carb recipes with meal planner and shopping lists. 

Normally $24.99




Plant-based pack

58 high quality professional healthy plant-based recipes with meal planner and shopping lists. 

Normally $24.99




Bundle and save

Bundle all 3 packs!

High-Protein, Low-Carb and Plant-Based recipe packs.

150 recipes!

Normally $64.99




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