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I designed a 12-week program to help women who need to lose 15 lbs or more, drop pants sizes and achieve forever results that can be sustained for the rest of their life, effortlessly.

Together, we focus on changing 6 small habits that over time will become routine. These 6 healthy habits along with moving daily result in a lifestyle change you can keep coming back to. I've had dozens of women who've dropped several pants sizes without relying on online fad diets, shakes or insane workouts.


My program is different from anything else out there because I support small, slow changes and focus on eating more of the right food along with sustainable movements oppose to others who focus on quick fixes by removing carbs, meats, sugar or pushing torturous workouts.


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You simply start with my 6 Healthy Habit Changes. I've have designed a program to work on changing 6 different habits that are simple and easy to follow. A simple change like staying hydrated daily this way the changes are simple enough to repeat again and again. We focus on small changes instead of a quick fixes. And help you build the habit into your daily routine which makes it last forever.

The second thing you need is an easy to follow routine that you can stick with. Instead of trying to squeeze in time to run to a gym, we focus on quick 30 mins workouts you can do at home or on your lunch break.  You won’t have to flip tires or run on a treadmill. Together we build a routine that will help you get to your goal without spending hours working out.

Finally, you need accountability. We'll be in touch daily, get you moving and on track. Basically, we date for the next 12 weeks. Just like you would show up for a really good date, you’ll show up for your health. The things that mean the most to us are the things we tend to show up for. It doesn’t matter if you have tried a million times in the past, you will be successful this time because I'll be there to support you. But this is not about me. This is is 100% about you and your health. What you put in, you get out.

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What do small habit changes do?

Hi, I'm Monique...

My name is Monique Salazar

and I have worked with 100's

of women over the years.


One of the things I hear most often is " I have tried everything and nothing works."

Here is the secret. Are you ready?



So why do it?

Because we ultimately want to feel happy and healthy in our own skin.

As a mom of 3 who has struggled with weight most of my life, I am here to let you know all the tips, tricks and to help support you 100%


We all need help and as a health and wellness coach, I can assure you that a support system is crucial to success...

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